Our Motto; "Working up to a Standard, Not down to a Price"

About Us

For almost 20 years now we have maintained gardens for our clients, from regular pruning & shaping their plants & trees, managing Pests & Diseases issues to hand weeding & Mulching the gardens beds.

We manage properties from a regular size home up to small acreage farmhouses.

We specialise in regular garden maintenance operating on a schedule working from 2,4,6 or 8 weeks depends on your gardens requirements. Some clients choose to just call in when their gardens need attention, then when space becomes available they are slotted in (Expect at least a two week wait as regular clients are already book in for services). 

The best thing is we clean up & take away all the rubbish as part of our service.

Twin Palms has operated for over the last 19 years now, something we are very proud of!

Our reputation for quality work remains at a premium at all times, and as you can understand with 19 years under our belt we have many regularly serviced clients & they are our first priority. We still service our first client on 2-3 weeks schedule & have done since February 15, 1999, also many clients we have managed for well over 16 years, we even are invited when they move to follow them to their new homes.

We operate Monday to Friday, ensuring our clients  have the weekends to enjoy time with family, while their gardens always look great!

"The greatest compliment I can receive is a referral from my clients"